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I’ve done upgrades on several computers and for the most part never had an issue, but everyone now and then I have found that while the Windows install goes all the way through the installation and device setup, it then seems to get stuck during the very last “Setting up a few more things” stage, sometimes stopping at a frustrating 79%!

I’ve tried leaving them for several hours but it never gets past that point. A hard reset is the only option, after which Windows restores the previous version. So at least nothing is lost other than time.

In all cases though, I’ve found the problem is having the Hyper-V role installed. There must be something about the Hypervisor that causes a problem.

After the OS rolls back, go into roles and features and remove the Hyper-V role, then try the upgrade again. After it completes just add the Hyper-V role back in again and it should pick up all the previous settings.

Continued from the first post

The first big update has come… and wow. Build 9860 has been made available.

I have already mentioned how much faster and more responsive Windows 10 seems to be, and this new updates seems to kick it up another notch! I’m sure the SSD makes a huge difference, but whatever Microsoft have done with the caching technology is amazing.

  • The issue with dragging windows to the top of the screen seems to be fixed in this release
  • I’m starting to like the new start menu. I can see now how you can mix and match between menu list items and tile items
  • The multi-desktops thing just didn’t work for me in the first build, but they’ve done some nice tweaks and I really quite like it now. There are still a few useability issues, like how to move apps between desktops, but I think this is going to be a lot more useful than I expected

Microsoft is now also giving you a choice to how quickly you get new versions of the preview updates. If you are adventurous you cna take the “Fast” path, or if you want others to find the bugs first you can take the “Slow” path. It’s a little thing, but a nice thouch.

Did I mention it was fast?

  The Windows 10 technical preview is now open for all to try out. I’ve just taken the plunge and done an in-place upgrade of my main PC (was Windows 8.1) and it’s all come back up fine with no need to re-install anything (so far). It’s available for anyone who want’s to try it out from here:


Welcome to the WinX club!

Is Windows 10 really a whole new OS version? No, I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure it was what they were going to release as Windows 8.2 (Windows 8, Update 2) but decided to go with the approach that worked well for the change from Vista to Windows 7. Try to cut the connection between the bad press of Windows 8 and learn from previous mistakes. Again. I’m sure Apple is in a panic now that Microsoft has finally caught up in OS version numbers. (more…)