This will be my journal of interesting issues I come across during my daily dealings with computers. Mostly it will be issues and challenges I haven’t easily resovled through simple deduction or an internet/newsgroup/forum search. Sometimes I might just “re-post” solutions that other people haven’t explained very well. In such cases I will credit the original source that I found.

I was a n00b once, and for a lot of products I still am, so I’ve always been frustrated by “solutions” that don’t actually give you the info you need.

And if you have really low self esteem, you can follow me on twitter @scott_thewspot

This blog currently exists at https://kickthatcomputer.wordpress.com and may one day transition to http://www.kickthatcomputer.com

  1. Mike McLean says:

    Excellent blog

  2. rahulvj7ahul says:

    Can i use your post on my website…???

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