Windows 10 Adventures – Build 9860

Posted: October 24, 2014 in Information, Windows 10
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Continued from the first post

The first big update has come… and wow. Build 9860 has been made available.

I have already mentioned how much faster and more responsive Windows 10 seems to be, and this new updates seems to kick it up another notch! I’m sure the SSD makes a huge difference, but whatever Microsoft have done with the caching technology is amazing.

  • The issue with dragging windows to the top of the screen seems to be fixed in this release
  • I’m starting to like the new start menu. I can see now how you can mix and match between menu list items and tile items
  • The multi-desktops thing just didn’t work for me in the first build, but they’ve done some nice tweaks and I really quite like it now. There are still a few useability issues, like how to move apps between desktops, but I think this is going to be a lot more useful than I expected

Microsoft is now also giving you a choice to how quickly you get new versions of the preview updates. If you are adventurous you cna take the “Fast” path, or if you want others to find the bugs first you can take the “Slow” path. It’s a little thing, but a nice thouch.

Did I mention it was fast?

  1. FoxDeploy says:

    I still want a way to ‘maximize’ the Start Menu back to the full-screen start screen. I actually grew to like it somehow; call it Stockholme Syndrome.

    • Scott says:

      You can, it’s in the settings to use the original full screen start menu. Another way would be to just drag whatever icons you want into the NewUI part of the start menu.

      • FoxDeploy says:

        I meant to maintain the new smaller start as my normal start menu, but also maximize it on occasion. There is no mechanism for that right now other than to pick one or the other.

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