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Just a quick reference as I always seem to have trouble locating the technet article with the full command line install options for the Configuration Manager ccmsetup.exe

This is really, really annoying. Everytime Java prompts to update, it also very kindly gives you the option to not install the ASK toolbar. This is because it very kindly selects the install ASK toolbar automatically and you have to opt-out.
If you don’t pay attention (looking at you Dave), or it’s a family/friend who doesn’t notice these things, then the ASK toolbar takes over your browsers search settings and steals screen real-estate by appearing at the top of your browser.

Luckily it turns out there is an easy way to stop it asking for future updates.


For some reason Microsoft appears to have messed up the install media manifests or something because the components required to install DotNet 3.5 are copied to the local disk so you can add them as a feature post-install. I don’t know if there are other features that have this problem, but I haven’t come across them yet if there are.

So, to install DotNet 3.5 is actually pretty easy. You will need your Install DVD, or an ISO, or a copy of the files from the DVD somewhere.