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This didn’t really cause me any concern, but I thought it was very odd for a modern computing device to exhibit this. Considering all the shielding and insulation usually required of modern electronics it was rather unexpected.

Something I noticed a long time ago while laying in bed with the electric blanket turned on was that you could feel this small tingle when touching another person. While I haven’t exhaustively researched this phenomena my belief is that the electric blanket is generating a small electromagnetic field which is then inducing a simliar field in a person lying on the blanket. When lightly touching another person (using the back of your fingers is most obvious) you feel a small tingle like an extremely mild electric current. I’ve played with electronics a lot as a kid so I knew it wasn’t a “bad” thing.

I have not felt a simliar thing from a piece of computer equipment though except for when working with computers that had bad power supplies that didn’t have proper grounding.


My daughter dropped her brand new Surface tablet from a height of about 2 feet (from her lap while sitting). Somehow it managed to land in an orientation that wasn’t one of the 72 tested by Microsoft and managed to smash the glass in one corner of the screen. This happened about 3 hours after it was opened on Christmas day and was disappointing for several reasons, one of which was the significant points that had been made about how strong the tablet was supposed to be.

Anyway, long story short, we had several other issues with touch covers splitting and Microsoft agreed to exchange the tablet at no charge. Greatly appreciated.

It still took about 2 weeks to go through the process of organising the exchange. The tablet was still useable, however two weeks means there was now content that needed to be backed up and transferred to the new device. There were three different users profiles and various photos and documents that we wanted to save.