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Finding the Opalis database

Posted: January 21, 2013 in Opalis, Orchestrator, Solved

Picture this scenario:
You’ve just inherited an existing Opalis implementation and the guy that set it up didn’t write any doco (or it’s lost). You want to do something that requires connection to the Opalis database…but you have no idea what server the database is on.

Interestingly enough, while starting my learning of Opalis/Orchestrator I’ve discovered there is no obvious place that you can see what database is being used. I’ve searched the registry, the console, and all the files and the closest is a mention of the SQL server in a log file if an Action server can’t connect.
If you run the Database Configuration tool, you need to enter all details from scratch, it doesn’t tell you the current setting. I would have also thought there would be a setting in the console *somewhere* that would show the server.
So anyway, I’ll see if someone on the MS forums has an answer, and will see if the situation is improved in Orchestrator.