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Minor point, but annoying. I started to notice that some of my blog posts were missing the title. I tried updating, retyping etc but nothing seemed to “reset” it. The only solution I had was to start a new blog entry and copy the content, then delete the old entry.

A search on the internets only turned up people building their own custom themes having this problem due to putting code in the wrong place. This has been happening to me with several different themes that I’ve picked from the WordPress themes “store”.


Digital TV Antenna install

Posted: June 19, 2013 in Information

This post is off-topic for computer related stuff, but it was an interesting lesson all the same.

During the restoration of our roof, the old analogue TV antenna had to come down. The crappy cable and splitter box attached to it didn’t survive the dismount, and as a result I figured it would be about time to get a new antenna and cabling put in. We’d always had problems with the reception being interupted when certain lights or appliances were turned on/off, and I knew the cabling had some dodgy splicing in the roof already.

I did some looking around at pricing the bits and pieces and was just going to do it myself, but decided to call one of the professional companies to compare what their prices were like. I had figured it would cost me about $240 in parts (including buying a proper crimping tool). The price I got from the antenna guy was $475. At that point doing it myself seemed like the way to go. I was just going to use the existing cable to “pull” the new one anyway, so no major dramas there. Just trying to figure out the right type of cable, the right connectors etc was trickier than I thought.