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Sigh. Turns out this is one of those “obvious” facepalm issues. Posting the issue anyway in the event other people come across it.

Windows clients on Configuration Manager 2012 R2 are not applying power policies at all. Standard Windows power settings still applied and available.

  •  Client policy enabled for applying power settings
  • Collection has a power policy configured (either pre-existing or custom)
  • No Group Policies configured to apply any sort of power settings
  • Client in collection
  • PolicyEvaluator.log and PolicyAgent.log both indicate the policy has been applied by the client
    • Policy appears with the CollectionID as a reference
  • No power configuration change occur on the target workstation
  • Lots of activity in pwrmgmt.log, but nothing seem specific to the policy I have configured, and no errors
  • PwrProvider.log just repeats message: “Failed to read ValueUnitsSpecifier” and nothing else
  • No Windows Event Viewer messages stand-out as related to this issue


This is one of those really simple and stupid problems that had me stuck for a while. I kept getting distracted with other things so it took a while before I got around to looking into it properly.

About a week after upgrading ConfigMgr 2012 to R2 I noticed some of the rebuilt servers didn’t have the Endpoint agent installed. The clients were working correctly, deploying windows updates and software deployments fine. Client Policy and inventory processing correctly, Endpoint Policy was assigned to machine in console and appearing on client (policyspy)

On new computers, Endpoint Protection did not install at all, and on computers when SCEP setup run manually, Endpoint policy never applies. Registry key indicates no policy is applied, even though “Generated Policy shows the correct values


I’ve noticed these EventID:122 errors appearing on my Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V host. Its running in a workgroup and has registry settings defined to connect to my WSUS server.

Source: DeviceSetupManager

EventID: 122

Message: Access to drivers on Windows Update was blocked by policy

The only reference I can find is from here:

where it says only:

Event ID: 122 Warning: DriverInstallBlockedByWUPolicy.

Driver install failed because of WU opt-in policy. Users or group policy opt-out the WU driver download.

  • Message: Access to drivers on Windows Update was blocked by policy

but no other mention of *what* policy that refers to.