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Many devices are capable of “waking up” the computer, and often I find my computer has decided to wake itself up in the middle of the night because of one of them.

(See also: “Computer wakes up for no reason“)

You can dig through Device Manager to find and disable the “Allow this device to wake the computer” options, but this is tedious and also difficult if you don’t know which device to change. Windows also has this neat “trick” where if you disable wake up on a device, and then plug it into a different USB port, Windows will see it as a *different* device which it then enables wake up for again.


A collection of Powershell commands that I’ve come up with. Will add over time


First off just to clarify, I am not a SQL guru, so on this topic I “know of” the feature but don’t really know that much about it.

We recently experienced a problem building a new Primary Site where the database replication links to the CAS failed and nothing we tried could fix the links. We resorted to completely uninstalling the site, deleting the Primary database and rebuilding the entire server OS from scratch. No matter what, the links replication just would not work.

RCMCTRL.LOG – Lot’s of these types of errors
Error: Replication group “Hardware_Inventory_4” has failed to initialize for subscribing site H01, setting link state to Error.

Error: Exception message: [ALTER TABLE SWITCH statement failed. Source and target partitions have different values for the DATA_COMPRESSION option.]

As it turns out, the SQL DBA’s had enabled a wonderful new feature in SQL2012 called Data Compression. In SQL land it probably makes sense and does wonderful things, but in ConfigMgr world it’s BAD.