Windows 10 adventures (Welcome to the WinX club)

Posted: October 5, 2014 in Information, Windows 10
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  The Windows 10 technical preview is now open for all to try out. I’ve just taken the plunge and done an in-place upgrade of my main PC (was Windows 8.1) and it’s all come back up fine with no need to re-install anything (so far). It’s available for anyone who want’s to try it out from here:


Welcome to the WinX club!

Is Windows 10 really a whole new OS version? No, I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure it was what they were going to release as Windows 8.2 (Windows 8, Update 2) but decided to go with the approach that worked well for the change from Vista to Windows 7. Try to cut the connection between the bad press of Windows 8 and learn from previous mistakes. Again. I’m sure Apple is in a panic now that Microsoft has finally caught up in OS version numbers.


As I play with it some more, I’ll add to the following list with anything that grabs my attention. I’m not expecting a huge number of surprises as it really does just seem to be Windows 8 with a some updated GUI elements.


  • Being able to have Metro/NewUI apps as windowed instead of full screen/snapped is really nice.
  • Considering it was an in-place upgrade, it is noticeably faster. Whatever extra special caching/pre-loading is going on is working REALLY well.


  • Some odd little things removed, like dragging a window to the top or side of the screen to snap the window doesn’t make it full screen or half screen anymore. You have to double-click the title bar, or the maximise window button. In fact all Snap actions have stopped working
    • Found a TechNet forum post from someone having the same problem. They found the “Show window content while dragging” option being disabled also disables snap, so there’s something strange going on here
    • Using Remote Desktop (RDP) usually disables this feature to improve performance, but for some reason Windows10 is also disabling snap and then not enabling it again after the RDP session ends. The option is still enabled for the show contents, but you need to untick and re-tick to reenable the snap function again
  • Same quirk as Windows 8, but on multi-monitors, if I click an icon in the taskbar, I’d like that app to open on the monitor I clicked it in. Same applies to the start menu that appears on all monitors (update: The start menu does in fact now open on whichever is the currently “active” monitor. ie. the screen you last clicked on)
  • On Windows 7 if you try to drag a window to the bottom of the screen it would get “stuck” just above the taskbar. On Win8 it lets you drag all the way to the bottom of the screen *behind* the taskbar where you can’t get to it again. The only way is to use peek, then right-click and maximise the app


  • Start Menu – I guess it will be the big thing that get people over the whole “windows 8 is crap” thing, and it’s just something I’ll have to get used to. I actually preferred the ability to see a lot more in the Full screen start menu, despite the “jarring” transition when changing from the desktop. I think it will be good for a lot of people, and I will get used to it. It does have some nice additions though. (Just found there is an option to use the old Start Screen instead)
  1. lee says:

    “Some odd little things removed, like dragging a window to the top of the screen doesn’t make it full screen anymore. You have to double-click the title bar, or the maximise window button”

    I installed WinX on my surface and my windows do maximize when dragged to the top of the screen. Probably a setting in ‘ease of use’ that you may have to ‘tick.’

    • Scott says:

      Thanks for the tip. I’ll definitely have to look for that one.

    • Scott says:

      Looks like there’s a bug with the “Show window contents while dragging” option. If that is disabled it also disables Windows snap functions. I find after using an RDP session which disables that for improved performance during the session, the snap function doesn’t seem to be re-enabled after the session ends, even though the option is ticked as enabled.

  2. Scott says:

    Hmm, really odd thing. I was going to try and look for this setting for the maximise snap but it seems to have just started working. Possibly after I rebooted recently. Most odd.

  3. Brad says:

    The metro start screen in Win 8 was OK once you got used to it until you try and use it on a desktop spread over 3 monitors. Having to mouse across 3 screens to turn the PC off is a bit of a pain.

    • Scott says:

      The 8.1.1 update did help to address that by adding the extra power button, and the charms were still there for power as well, but it wasn’t overly mouse friendly.
      The changes in WIn10 are better for mouse based systems though.
      Then again, I never really used them anyway. I just tap the button on the front of my PC as I walk in and out of my room to sleep/wake my PC.