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This didn’t really cause me any concern, but I thought it was very odd for a modern computing device to exhibit this. Considering all the shielding and insulation usually required of modern electronics it was rather unexpected.

Something I noticed a long time ago while laying in bed with the electric blanket turned on was that you could feel this small tingle when touching another person. While I haven’t exhaustively researched this phenomena my belief is that the electric blanket is generating a small electromagnetic field which is then inducing a simliar field in a person lying on the blanket. When lightly touching another person (using the back of your fingers is most obvious) you feel a small tingle like an extremely mild electric current. I’ve played with electronics a lot as a kid so I knew it wasn’t a “bad” thing.

I have not felt a simliar thing from a piece of computer equipment though except for when working with computers that had bad power supplies that didn’t have proper grounding.