Configuration Manager Power Policies not applying

Posted: April 24, 2014 in Configuration Manager, Solved, System Center
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Sigh. Turns out this is one of those “obvious” facepalm issues. Posting the issue anyway in the event other people come across it.

Windows clients on Configuration Manager 2012 R2 are not applying power policies at all. Standard Windows power settings still applied and available.

  •  Client policy enabled for applying power settings
  • Collection has a power policy configured (either pre-existing or custom)
  • No Group Policies configured to apply any sort of power settings
  • Client in collection
  • PolicyEvaluator.log and PolicyAgent.log both indicate the policy has been applied by the client
    • Policy appears with the CollectionID as a reference
  • No power configuration change occur on the target workstation
  • Lots of activity in pwrmgmt.log, but nothing seem specific to the policy I have configured, and no errors
  • PwrProvider.log just repeats message: “Failed to read ValueUnitsSpecifier” and nothing else
  • No Windows Event Viewer messages stand-out as related to this issue



As with most other things, the testing I was doing was all in virtual machines (Hyper-V in particular). While the windows guest does give the ability to “configure” power policies, ConfigMgr 2012 itself does not support configuring or even reporting on power policies in Virtual machines.

Unfortunately, most of the queries and searching I did kept finding the ConfigMgr 2007 page, and I (mistakenly and inadvisably) assumed the doco was still the same for 2012. There was no mention of virtual machines in any of the 2007 documentation that I could find (

The ConfigMgr 2012 documentation on the other hand is really what I should have spent more time finding:

Configuration Manager power management is not supported on virtual machines. You cannot apply power plans to virtual machines, nor can you or report power data from them.

I would however have liked to find some indication in a log file that states the client is not supported, or a reason it is not being applied rather than a “silent fail” with no indication at all.

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