This will be my journal of interesting issues I come across during my daily dealings with computers. Mostly it will be issues and challenges I haven’t easily resolved through simple deduction or an internet/newsgroup/forum search. Sometimes I might just “re-post” solutions that other people haven’t explained very well. In such cases I will credit the original source that I found.

I was a n00b once, and for a lot of products I still am, so I’ve always been frustrated by “solutions” that don’t actually give you the info you need

This blog currently exists at https://kickthatcomputer.wordpress.com and may one day transition to http://www.kickthatcomputer.com

You can also find me on

twitter: @ip1

LinkedIn: Scott Williams

-Scott Williams

  1. Mike McLean says:

    Excellent blog

  2. rahulvj7ahul says:

    Can i use your post on my website…???

  3. shukero says:

    I was wondering if you could try to find a way to “RESET” the “Most Used” list in windows 10. I can’t find a way in the latest build 1024000, as they have removed all options for the start menu when you right click on the task bar.

    Anywho GREAT blog man!

    • Scott says:

      You can remove individual entries by right clicking and selecting don’t show on list.
      If you want to reset completely, then go into settings-personalisation-start and turn off show most used apps and turn it back on again. It will start adding most used apps again as you use them… Eventually

  4. doug says:

    Thank you SO much for your post on DSM and device installation settings. Not sure how I got here but I am glad I did. Mother in law’s machine is now fixed. No more 100% disk usage for me!

  5. rey says:

    This blog is awesome great job.

  6. Deadpres says:

    You rock , nice work, twice this site has saved me from putting my fist through a wall

  7. Jago says:

    During a migration TS from Win7 to Win10 (not the in-place upgrade) have you seen a way to automate the detection of installed apps at the beginning of the TS (builds a list of apps) then after a BIOS to UEFI conversion, install a fresh Win10, then look at that master apps list and reinstall the one off apps that were detected? I know UDI can do this but UDI is manual. Thanks

    • Scott says:

      I’ve used several methods for doing this in the past using various scripts, but it isn’t worth the effort. The simplest way is to use AD groups to target software using collection queries and deployments on those collections.

      I don’t know of any scripts or tool kits people have published to do it, but I can think of several other methods used if it’s something you want to look at scripting up yourself.

  8. latitude777 says:

    Hi Scott, I’ve been trying desperately to get my surface RT back up and running through creating a bootable USB through my PC (don’t have access to another RT to create one). BUT every time I download the 3.7g file WINRAR tells me its corrupt and it will not extract.

    Do you still have access to your image file or at least an address for where I can get one that isn’t corrupt? Thanks Michael

    • Scott says:

      I don’t think I have a copy of my boot image anymore. Try using the built-in zip extract in Windows Explorer, or try another extractor like 7Zip to see if that works better.

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