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This one had me puzzled. After various issues I got fed up and decided to do a full uninstall and reinstall of my ConfigMgr site. The whole thing. Blow away the database, clean out all the directories and start the install from scratch.

All was well right up to the point I tried to install CU2. It kept telling me it was already installed and I could only recreate the update packages.

“This update is already installed on the computer. Only options to create deployments for this update are available.”

OK I thought, it must have detected the old windows installer cache files or something and auto updated to CU2 during install. However, creating the update packages then failed saying the source wasn’t available.

A quick version check and the CM2012 files are still SP1 version. A check of installed updates shows the CU2 update already installed, but no repair or uninstall option is available. At this point I was getting ready to start hacking entries out of the registry.



The continuing journey in the very slow quest to restore everything.

This post is the recovery of the SQL Express database used by the Threat Management Gateway (TMG 2010) firewall. The SQL Server (ISARS) and (MSFW) instances were failing to start with an eventid:9003 message saying “The log scan number passed to log scan in database ‘master’ is not valid”

Essentially it would appear the MASTER database was corrupted, and as per the other servers the backup was also messed up. :sigh: