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Most of the lists I’ve seen people put together have the Remote Desktop (RDP) shortcut first with the corresponding desktop shortcut after. That doesn’t makes sense to me. I’m used to looking on the left side for what I want to match, then across to find the required entry I need. So here is my contribution to a lookup list that makes sense, and is also in a nice table format you can print out and stick on a wall rather than a hard to read text list.

Native Desktop RDP Session Description
ALT + TAB ALT + PAGE UP Switch to next Window
ALT + SHIFT + TAB ALT + PAGE  DOWN Switch to previous Windows
ALT + ESC ALT + INSERT Cycle Windows in order used
CTRL + ESC ALT + HOME Start Menu
ALT + SPACE ALT + DELETE Open the Window menu (resize, move etc)
ALT + Print Screen CTRL + ALT + MINUS Capture the active window in RDP session
Print Screen CTRL + ALT + PLUS Capture full screen of RDP session