Configuration Manager Typos

Posted: September 20, 2013 in Configuration Manager, Information, System Center, Work in Progress
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A light hearted post that I will update over time as I find new examples of typos and error in ConfigMgr log files.

(note: changed to be typos in ConfigMgr in general now)


Initialzing power state manager.
Initialzing task scheduler. (many others using the same sub-string)


MSI: Action 17:17:12: SmsSetLUAAccessPermissions. >Gets permission for evelation on Vista and grants each COM object permission.
Retrived site version '5.00.7958.1000' from AD for site 'ZZZ'
Last auto-upgrade config time(utc) '10/25/2013 03:21:48 AM' which is more than 1 days ago. Randomize with defult 1 day.


CheckSQLServiceRestart : SQL Service hasn't been restart since last time we check, skip it.


[MigrationManager]:         Step 1. Query the schedule items that was running or requested to start immediately ...


RuleSchedulerThred: Next Event Time Signalled.


Failed to find algorighm ID from registry. Use default algorithm.


Policy complied successfully in WMI 'root\ccm\policy\defaultmachine\requestedconfig' namespace
Let the parent group (Setup Operating System) decides whether to continue execution

Deploying Software Updates

Summary Page


Telemtry upload interval is: every 60 minutes


  • Missing “s” in the SQL role name. Should be “smsdbrole_MP” (twitter: @SCCM_Avenger)


  1. FoxDeploy says:

    I am so happy that this is a thing. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for others, I’ve seen typos all over the place in MDT/ConfigMan log files.

  2. Andrew says:

    Whilst not a SCCM or Log file it is worth noting typos on huge Popular websites, especially in their instructions.
    Got this one from

    1. Ppen the “Add Roles and Features Wizard”

    how do I Ppen it?

    {please read with the humor that is intended}.


    “MTC queeued a task for SWD execution…”

    • Scott says:

      Thanks for that. What version of ConfigMgr is that, and what were you doing when you get that log entry? I haven’t been able to find it on the machines I’ve got handy.

  4. Ryan Steele says:

    With SCCM 1702, found this in ContentTransferManager.log on a client:

    “Failed get the value of Content_823cced0-fc77-4182-b3b0-54d1341d5819.1”

  5. smsdpmon.log – Failed to find algorighm ID from registry. Use default algorithm.
    Current Branch 1706

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