Change Word captions from Table to Figure, or Figure to Table

Posted: May 31, 2013 in Information, Microsoft Office, Windows General
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You’ve written this wonderfully detailed and formatted document, updated your Table of Contents and your Tables of Figures and Tables… and realised you missed the fact that all your Table were being captioned as Figures.


There are two ways I know to correct it, both are manual though and you just need to pick the one that works best for you.


Options 1: You can re-create the caption as the desired type

  1. Copy the text of the caption
  2. Delete the existing caption
  3. Insert a new caption making sure you set it to the correct type
  4. Paste the text you copied from the original caption

Option 2: Change the “Field Code” of the existing caption

  1. Press Alt-F9 to display the field tags
    1. fieldcode1
  2. Change both the “Figure” texts to “Table”
    1. If you have a lot to change, you can use Search/Replace to change the text. Just pay attention to what is changing!
    2. fieldcode2
  3. Press Alt-F9 to toggle back to standard view
    1. goodcaption
  4. Caption all fixed
  5. Press Ctrl-A to select all text in your document
  6. Press F9 to update all the field codes
    1. Select “Update entire table” when prompted. This will update all the Table and Figure numbers in the contents tables

And if you need to change Tables to Figures, just change the text accordingly.

  1. DaveColvin says:

    DERRRRR, just dont get it wrong in the first place ! Gina Rinhart told me… Just be better !

  2. Lukas says:

    great 🙂 saved me a lot of manual work 🙂 Thanks!

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