This is considered a pedantic point by many people I work with, but it’s something I still work to change.

When Microsoft released System Centre Configuration Manager, the natural abbreviation/acronym that myself and pretty much everyone else used for it was “SCCM”. Makes sense.

At some time I recall that Microsoft started to make a point of telling people *not* to call it SCCM. I can’t seem to find any official Microsoft reference to this though. (If you know where an official Microsoft statement is, please let me know)

The reason is that Microsoft do not have any rights to “SCCM”, and also to prevent any possible confusion with another organisation that is already known as SCCM.

At this point I’ll hand over to the following links to explain:

Unfortunately, SCCM is deeply ingrained into the vocabulary of the people that work with it, so it’s going to take a while (if ever) to change. I’m doing my part where I can. I will still tend to tag things with “SCCM” to help other people who are using it as a search term, but when referencing it in any documents I will use “ConfigMgr” or “CM[version]” (e.g. CM07, CM12) instead.

If you happen to notice me slipping in an “SCCM”, feel free to berate me over it.

  1. Nigel says:

    What’s annoying – perhaps – is that the SCCM organisation is basically a USA organisation and means nothing to the majority of Microsoft’s customer base. ie the other 195 countries. I looked at their web site and although paid membership is available to physicians residing outside of the 50 United States. That “international” membership provides most rights of membership, except the right to make motions, vote, or hold office. Basically be a spectator. So what annoys me about all of this – citizens or companies of a country (in this case the USA) that claim to be “global” but believe that they are the centre or the only part that matters.

    • Scott says:

      Probably a bit beyond the scope of the post, but thanks for sharing 🙂

      The same abbreviations are used by many different industries and refer to completely different things. I went through a phase for many years working for different clients where “BT” was referenced frequently. I had to make a point of confirming if they meant “BT” as in British Telecom, or “BT” Bankers Trust. Depending on the clients area of focus I could usually work out the most likely answer, but sometimes the confusion it creates is a problem.

      I have never heard of *the* SCCM before and still don’t really know much about them, but given there probably isn’t a huge overlap between the two industries it probably doesn’t create too much confusion. Unless you are working in the medical industry installing ConfigMgr perhaps 😉

  2. anonymous says:

    Take a closer look at MDT after its integrated with ConfigMgr. All the ZTI logs use SCCM. There’s even a ZTISCCM.log file

    • Scott says:

      There are plenty of references to SCCM, and the Microsoft devs themselves still use SCCM frequently. Even so, it’s just one of those things that will take time change, if it ever really does.

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