Remote management of IIS from Windows 8

Posted: April 27, 2013 in IIS, Solved
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Got Windows 8? Yup

Got a Server somewhere running IIS? Yup

Got the IIS management feature install on Win8? Sure have

So you open it, connect to the remote IIS server and all is cool? Um……

Go figure. When you install the IIS management feature in Win8, the *only* thing you can manage is a local install of IIS. It doesn’t give the option to connect to another server at all. Thinking I’d stuffed it up somehow (using the mouse with my left hand instead of right perhaps?) I removed and re-added it, but still the same. No remote connect option!


Luckily for me, a quick internet search showed somebody was paying attention during whichever training course must have taught this, so head on over to the following link for the magic.

Essentially, you need to add the “IIS Manager for Remote Administration v1.1” using the Web Platform installer. Go figure.

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