Exchange Event Viewer FailoverClustering Query Error

Posted: April 5, 2013 in Exchange, Solved
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When you open Event Viewer to look at the “Microsoft Exchange with Database Availability Group Events” Custom view you will get a query error for “Microsoft-Windows-FailoverClustering” if you have an Exchange install that doesn’t have any Database Availability Groups (DAGs) installed. This would be typical of a small single server install.

(Check also this post on Event Viewer query errors)


While not critical, it is annoying.


To resolve this I exported the custom view and modified it to remove the FailoverClustering reference in the query. Just download and import the custom view linked below to get an error-free event viewing experience.

  1. Download the following file and extract the xml
  2. Right-click Custom Views in Event Viewer
  3. Select Import Custom View and select the extracted xml file
  1. dinghy says:

    has worked, realy big thx Scott 🙂

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