A mobile friendly TMG forms based (FBA) login for Exchange OWA

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Exchange, Information, TMG2010
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I came across this blog post while trying to find ways to change the TMG2010 Forms based login page to match the Exchange 2013 OWA page. I haven’t figured out how to do the OWA 2013 thing yet, but I think this will be quite sufficient:


Those instructions are specifically for if you are using TMG Form Based Authentication (FBA) in front of a (non-owa/normal) web site. To make it work with Exchange OWA it needs to be done slightly differently. I’m using TMG 2010 and Exchange 2013, but the settings should be the same for Exchange 2007/2010 as well.

  1. Download the files from the blog post above (and leave the author a thank you note)
  2. Make a copy of the “Exchange” folder instead of the ISA folder mentioned in the blog instructions (I’ve called mine “Mobile”)
    1. owa-newfolder
  3. Extract and copy the files into the new folder you created, overwrite when prompted
  4. Open the TMG rule for your Exchange OWA
    1. Don’t change the Listener properties. The OWA rule itself specifies the FBA folder to use
  5. Select the “Application Settings” tab
  6. Change the entry for the customised HTML form to the name of the directory you created earlier
    1. owa-newfba
  7. Restart The “Microsoft Firewall” service (Or apply all those patches that have been waiting for ages and reboot)
  1. Stephen says:

    Thanks for this guide

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