TMG2010 – Changing IP addresses

Posted: February 9, 2013 in Solved, TMG2010, Windows General
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I’ve been seeing this error on my TMG 2010 Standard server ever since I put it into production and I couldn’t understand what it was or why it was happening


I never understood this message because I’m running Standard edition, which doesn’t do arrays (you need Enterprise). I’ve also never configured any array settings, and I’ve never seen any array settings on the Standard edition that could be configured.

It turns out that even though this is Standard edition, and there are no array, TMG seems to still think of itself as being in an “array of one”. When I built the server it had a temporary IP address that was changed when I switched over from the old Firewall server. It is this change of IP address that caused the error. It never seems to have caused any problems that I noticed, so I ignored it.

Until now.

As part of the “big recovery” I decided to kill all annoying errors. And this TechNet post had the solution.


I’ll quote the answer here just in case that link breaks some time in the future

Last night I changed the registry and the SQL Server Configuration manager on our production server, rebooted and it works like a charm!

First I shut down all the TMG services but then the  “msFPCIntraArrayAddress” didn’t show in the registry so TMG has to be running…

Just to clarify, here’s how I did it. First I took a complete backup of everything (I’m using a disk imaging tool called Acronis)

Logged on to a fully functional server.

1. Changed the ip In Forefront TMG Management console -> Firewall Policy -> Network Objects -> Computer Sets -> Array Servers.

2. Changed the two ip’s in SQL Server Configuration Manager -> SQL Server Network Configuration -> Protocols for MSFW/ISARS -> TCP/IP -> IP Addresses (TAB)

3. Searched the registry for “msFPCIntraArrayAddress” and changed the ip on them (I think I could find it in 4 places in the registry).

4. Rebooted the server and following alert did not show anymore: The IP address specified for communication between this Forefront TMG computer ( and other array members is not bound to a network adapter installed on this computer. The IP address specified for intra-array communication must be bound to a network adapter installed on the computer

Regards Jorgen

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